Tuesday, March 31, 2015

[New post] Cobra Update 3-31-15… “The Alliance Fleet”

kauilapele posted: "There are a tonne of great intels here, and surely make for a grand reading experience. Amazing. I got so many highlights, that it takes up almost a whole page. I do appreciate every update Cobra posts, as he presents information that is from an altern"

[New post] Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG… “Makeup and Background of [the] Blue Avian Beings”…

kauilapele posted: "This post showed up today, and I felt it was a great question about the Blue Avians. This time I'm presenting the colors and bolding as it is in the post. Some of GoodETxSG's (Corey's) replies are within the question text area. [Kp note: you may note t"

[New post] Another “Potent Preston Piece”, VT 3-31-15… “Shout it from the Rooftops – Israel has Nukes and is a Criminal Terror State!”

kauilapele posted: "This is another Preston James "blast 'em" type of posting. At least it's exposing all of the data right out in front. This is related to these two recent posts... 1, 2. "Bibi Netanyahu has been constantly harping that Iran is developing nukes and soon"

[New post] Sheldan Nidle Update 3-31-15…

kauilapele posted: "Suggestion: read with Higher Discernment turned "on". "We come with some news regarding the progress being made to set up a schedule for delivery of your prosperity funds.... These are now being examined by a number of the ancient families with regard to"