poof_by_AK1This short piece was written by American Kabuki.

I feel it is helpful here to not "need to know" every single thing that is going on behind the scenes. Remember that there are those on the front lines whose work might be compromised if all that "need to know" information goes "out there". I totally respect and honor the ones that are behind the request to remove the posts, video, and recordings and I will honor fully that request. Therefore, I am not sharing anything further with anyone about any of this until I hear personally from Poof that it is okay to do so.

Here is what AK wrote in his article.


Poof Video Pulled....Poof Its Gone!!!
by American Kabuki, 11-30-12

Got some clarification on the confusion yesterday. The POOF video will return soon when the all clear signal is given. We were a tad early. Sorry for the dust and smoke.

Hopefully we can have a transcript ready for those of you who found the video hard to understand due to the American dialects and poor audio quality.

This makes me want to make sure I got the Cobra interview audio down well, hopefully I can complete the audio editing this weekend.