Saturday, February 28, 2015

[New post] “Let’s Get Nuclear”… Gordon Duff, Jim Dean VT 2-28-15… “So Busted: Netanyahu’s Nuclear “Monkey Boy” on Iran, David Albright”

kauilapele posted: "This may not "appeal" to everyone, but I learned quite a bit as to why Iran can NOT have a "nuclear bomb" program. According to "former VT editor, now deceased, also chief nuclear weapons designer for the US Department of Energy, Clinton Bastin" [key poin"

[New post] What the H is Going on over Morocco??? From D of RTS, “Chemtrailed “Dog Fight” over coast of Morocco Feb 25, 2015″

kauilapele posted: "All I can say about this is, after viewing the video, yes, there WERE strange things going on over Morocco. I was not able to ever see the jets in this, but the photos included (by Jorge) are pretty remarkable. I recall hearing on of D's children say some"

[New post] Video from Tolec… “Interstellar, movie analysis -Tolec & Dan Brock”

kauilapele posted: " This may be of interest to many. I've not looked at "Interstellar" or seen the movie, but those who have seen it might have a connection to this. Published on Feb 27, 2015 ** note: this is the finalized, audio balanced"